China−ASEAN: Wishes for Common Development in New Year

China−ASEAN New Year Party was held in Beijing on 23rd January, 2018, during which ASEAN ambassadors to China and representatives from ten ASEAN countries as well as Chinese representatives toasted to all present to celebrate the New Year and share their wishes for new progress in the new year.

It is the 18th time for China−ASEAN Business Council (CABC) and ASEAN Committee in Beijing (ACB) to co-host the annual new year party, aiming at promoting good-neighbourliness and economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN countries. CABC is one of the dialogue cooperation mechanisms between China and ASEAN. ACB consists of ambassadors ... MORE>>

15:30-16:00 Registration
16:00-16:03 Opening Remark by Moderator
16:03-16:13 Speeches by Chinese and ASEAN Representatives from the Organizers of the Activity
16:13-16:43 China Dezhou and ASEAN Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference
● Promotional Video of Dezhou
● Speech by Mr. Shang Huaijun, Vice Mayor of Dezhou Municipal People's Government
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Distinguished guests,
         ASEAN Committee in Beijing (ACB) and China−ASEAN Business Council (CABC) have co-hosted such annual party ahead of Chinese Spring Festival to promote good-neighbourliness and economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN countries for 18 successive years.... MORE>>
Presentation Speech:
       The awarded enterprises have promoted economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN in active action by the virtue of the Belt and Road Initiative and the growth of ASEAN economy. Their successes in connectivity and industrial capacity cooperation have embodied their value and been lauded by the partners of ASEAN countries. While entering ASEAN countries, these enterprises have not only played a positive role in local economic development, but also shouldered their social responsibility so that a good image for Chinese enterprises have been created. As embracing the China−ASEAN Innovation Year of 2018, we hope that the award winners will further advance win-win cooperation and make new achievements together with their counterparts from ASEAN countries.
Presentation Speech:
       The Year 2018 remarks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of China−ASEAN Strategic Partnership. All the ten award winners have been dedicated to promoting the friendly relationship of good-neighbourliness, especially the economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN countries for more than 15 years. It is they and many others like them have worked tirelessly and contributed to China−ASEAN ties so that the two sides’ political relationship become stronger, economic cooperation closer and people-to-people exchange increased. Each generation has its mission and heroes. More outstanding contributors are expected to further promote cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in the new era.
Presentation Speech:
       Among a multitude of prominent figures in enhancing cooperation between Chinese enterprises and ASEAN ones, ten are presented with the Award this year covering government officials, leaders of chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs and SME representatives.Though different in occupation, they are all practitioners of building Maritime Silk Road. Besides their own involvement in practical cooperation, they have also encouraged more companies to take part in it in various ways, such as mobilizing members in their chambers of commerce, holding relevant meetings, providing platform for cooperation and publicizing via media. Broad participation is just what cooperation between enterprises of the two sides needs. A thumb up for today’s award winners!

On January 23rd, Dezhou−ASEAN Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference was held in Beijing, co-hosted by China−ASEAN Business Council (CABC) and Dezhou Municipal People’s Government. Mr. Xu Ningning, Executive President of CABC, said that 10 ASEAN countries...

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On January 23rd, the First Release Ceremony of the book China−ASEAN: Joint Building of Maritime Silk Road was held in Beijing, which is strongly recommended by ambassadors of ASEAN countries’ embassies in China.

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